Noma 2.0

After René Redzepi closed down the original Noma restaurant after 14 years of operation in Strandgade, Copenhagen, he and his team have travelled around the world with pop-up restaurants focusing on the local ingredients. However, in February, Copenhagen star René Redzepi opened the doors to Noma 2.0. It’s a new space, a new focused menu, and a new start for one of the most written-about restaurants of our time. So is the new Noma as good as the original?

According to many food critics it is as good as the Noma we used to know, and maybe it is even better! Jonathan Gold, LA Times, says “The first act of a meal at Noma passes as a dream. You taste foods in ways you have never thought about tasting them before”.

Getting a reservation at the original Noma was always a luck as bookings quickly got sold out very quickly, and it is no change with Noma 2.0. The first round of bookings was sold out in less than 24 hours.

So how was the process of establishing the new Noma 2.0? The Wall Street Journal followed René Redzepi and his team towards the opening in the video below.


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