The Four Seasons Private Jet

The Toronto-based Four Seasons hotel group invites its guests to new means of traveling from one of its properties to another, in the hotel industry’s first fully branded private jet.

A retrofitted Boeing 757 featuring interiors by the hotel group’s designers, the Four Seasons Jet – as it is perhaps a touch unimaginatively named – accommodates just 52 passengers rather than the 233 this category of aircraft usually carries.

Although access to the jet is being restricted to the privileged few willing to spend those sums, the video below gives everyone else their opportunity to see inside the aircraft. It shows the 52 fully lie-flat seats configured in a 2×2 configuration, with leather seats designed in Italy exclusively for Four Seasons. Due to only 52 seats on the plane, the passengers are provided with a personal space of two meters. Each seat can decline to fully flat position giving the passengers the opportunity to sleep when travelling between destinations. Passengers are provided with individual iPads for in-flight entertainment and receive Bulgari amenity kits; blankets are made of Mongolian cashmere and earphones are by Bose.

Not a fan of the standard commercial airplane food? No need to worry. An on-board chef – Executive Chef, Kerry Sear – goes above and beyond in every way possible to deliver culinary experiences that transcend the limits of in-air dining, where guests can enjoy gourmet meals prepared with the most fresh ingredients from around the world. In order to achieve such a high level of gourmet service, the Four Seasons Jet has been custom-fitted with a state-of-the-art kitchen equipment to allow the chef to create magic in the galley. With this kind of flexibility, every passenger can tailor their meal choices while aboard the Jet – be it caviar on carved ice or a burger and beer – and the chef will make it just the way you like, whenever you’d like. Other attendees on the flight includes a “journey manager” trip coordinator, concierge, doctor and a photographer to capture your memories.

As for those eager to try the jet for themselves, various packages have been created, giving the passengers choices of where their dream tips should go to. However, you will need to bring the big wallet out as prices are around USD 100K and above.

For more information, visit the official Four Seasons website


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