Gaggan – Progressive Indian Cuisine


The street food of his home town of Kolkata and a formative stint at El Bulli are the twin inspirations behind chef Gaggan Anand’s boundary-pushing restaurant in downtown Bangkok.Set up in 2010 and taking top spot on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2015, Gaggan reinvents regional Indian cuisine using modernist cooking methods. The approach is playful, adventurous and thought-provoking with classic street dishes deconstructed and reinterpreted without losing what made them special in the first place. It’s a clever balancing act that clearly draws on skills and techniques acquired by the chef during an internship with Ferran Adrià’s research team in Spain.


Liquid nitrogen, smoke and dehydrated ingredients add theatre as well as texture and flavour to the chef’s creations. Lamb chops are given a molecular makeover with smoked whisky, spherified yoghurt and mango chutney, while the humorously named Green with Envy sees green peppercorn chicken kebabs combined with coriander foam.


Housed in a colonial-style building with cane furniture, ceiling fans and white-washed walls, the dining room has an elegant charm. There are several private dining spaces, including one looking directly into the kitchen where guests can witness the gastronomic wizardry for themselves. Polished service and an excellent drinks list, including cutting-edge cocktails, complete the standout experience.

Check out the video below to see how amazing the restaurant looks inside, and how cosy an ambience you will find there. As well of some of the fine art they are turning the food into.


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